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Web Design
A website isn't just a way to disseminate information. Today's websites can be an experience — a virtual representation of who you are, what you do and how you do it. At Creative Tinder we will produce a site that is an extension of your business, not a mere snapshot of it.
Graphic Design
Graphic design has the power to elevate a message beyond just text. Like the best graphic novels, the best graphic design tells the visceral, emotional story behind the words. At Creative Tinder, we help you use graphic design to say more with less.
Branding is more than a logo... it's an identity. It is that all-powerful, but oft-neglected first impression — the personality of your business. Creative Tinder works with you to design a brand that makes a strong and lasting impression.
Writing & Editing
Successful copywriting doesn't just inform, it inspires. It is an indelible blend of poetry, poignancy and precision that makes a reader take notice and remember. Sometimes it's simple. Sometimes it's obscure. But at Creative Tinder, it's always compelling.
Advertising & Promotions
Offering a great service at a great price isn't enough these days. Even small businesses need to advertise and promote themselves. Creative Tinder can help you generate the best bang with your ad ventures.
Marketing Strategy
What's the best way for you to reach your target audience? Online? Direct Mail? Print? Radio? Outdoor? Creative Tinder helps you strategize your spending for maximum effectiveness with minimum cost.
Products & Services
Ever have a great idea for a product or service, but aren't sure how to turn that spark into fire? Creative Tinder can help you flesh out the details, come up with a plan of action and provide the assistance needed to make your dream a reality.
Stories & Written Material
Even the best writer needs an outside eye sometimes. Creative Tinder works with writers and producers to develop compelling stories for the stage, television, film and online. We pride ourselves on helping you make the most of your story, not turning it into ours.
Creative Tinder has a proven track record of helping companies and individuals meet their Web and Graphic Design needs, including the people and organizations below:

Quickenings, a company specializing in supporting female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their lives, called Creative Tinder for support when they decided to convert their website from Flash to HTML. Along the way, we added a content management system, some dynamic Javascript and tweaked the design for greater user-friendliness.

Movement Continuum
Movement Continuum, a Pilates, yoga and GYROTONICS studio in Brentwood, CA, reached out to Creative Tinder to design a logo and build their website.

Lorene Boisvert
When Lorene Boisvert, a dentist in Brentwood, CA, decided to bite into a website, she called upon Creative Tinder to create a site as unique and lively as she is.

Tabby Biddle
Tabby Biddle, an empowering writer and editor, feels empowered by having Creative Tinder keep her website's design up-to-date.

Creative Tinder provides custom writing and editing services, specializing in developing and utliizing the client's goals and "voice" instead of just overlaying ours. Here are some examples of Writing & Editing projects we've done:

LA Weekly
When LA Weekly, the nation's largest alternative newsweekly, needed content for a special section of the paper highlighting the Southern California Real Estate market, they pulled in Creative Tinder to research, develop and write it.

Picky Print
Picky Print, a print brokering company based in Los Angeles, has gotten "picky" with Creative Tinder several times for help with promotional development, copywriting, online strategy and creative support.

In addition to converting their website from Flash to HTML, Quickenings, a company specializing in supporting female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their lives, utilized Creative Tinder for copywriting and editing support.

Syzygy Theatre Company
Syzygy Theatre Company aligned with Creative Tinder when they wanted their Board Member Information Packet edited and proofread.

Creative Tinder works with clients one-on-one to develop projects and ideas that they can be proud of. Here are two clients with whom we've develped exceptional creative projects:

Picky Print
When Picky Print, a print brokering company based in Los Angeles, wanted a new promotional piece to reach out to prospective customers, they turned to Creative Tinder for help developing the ideas and designing the product.

Lyena Strelkoff
Lyena Strelkoff, a successful writer-performer-educator based in Los Angeles, called Creative Tinder for help when she needed a media packet for a national conference.

Creative Tinder brings a fresh eye to Marketing & Strategy, looking for new ways to reach out to prospective customers. Here are two of our many satisfied customers:

Quickenings, a company specializing in supporting female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their lives, called Creative Tinder for support when they decided to upgrade their website. In addition to converting the site from Flash to HTML, we also provided marketing strategy and online strategy support.

Earth Day LA
Earth Day LA, a non-profit organization promoting environmentalism through several events throughout Los Angeles, contacted Creative Tinder for for help identifiying and reaching out to local media to support their annual Earth Day event.

Creative Tinder is the brain-child of Lead Firestarter, Dean Purvis. Believing that you should only pay for the services you need, Dean started Creative Tinder to provide targeted, project-specific services without all the fat. A lifelong creative, tech and media junky, Dean has spent the past decade working in the entertainment and media industries. Specializing in a personal touch, sideways thinking and maintining a broad knowledge base, the Creative Tinder team strives for nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

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Creative Tinder serves the greater Los Angeles area and dips into Southern California when the need arises. Some services are also available in the San Fransisco/Oakland area.

Call Us Today at (424) 354-2354 or Click Here to be connected to us directly right now!

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Additional Services:

Performance & Public Speaking Coaching
Actors aren't the only ones called upon to perform. Executives, coaches, managers and many others also need to get in front of people and talk from time to time. Whether you're a skilled pro or a terrified newbie, Creative Tinder can help enhance your skills and hone your performance.

Creative Coaching
Sometimes we all need a little help figuring out ways to tap into our creative juices. Creative Tinder works with you to develop and maintain strategies to keep your creativity flowing.

Latest Trends:

Yelp Video
Yelp®, the internet's free resource for connecting customers and local businesses, now allows you to place a promotional video right on your business profile page! Spread the word about your business with a custom video created just for you by Creative Tinder! Click Here for more information!

HTML has been refreshed with HTML5, including some fantastic new capabilities. Take a look at Apple's new HTML5 site to see some great examples of what HTML5 has to offer.

WordPress 3.+
WordPress recently received a comprehensive update, bringing with it some great new features and abilities. Check out the video found HERE for more information.

Social Networking
We've all heard of it, so many of us use it, but few utilize it to its full potential. At Creative Tinder, we're constantly looking for new ways to transform our social networks into business development networks as well.
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